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hey some guys do have breasts

just saying

Kathy Reschini Sweeney

Yes they do and I cannot even imagine how they deal with this!

Karen in Ohio

Torture devices, for sure. I put my back out once, trying to get into, and out of, a sports bra without a hook closure. WTF? Adding injury to insult.

Glad you were able to find ones that work for you, Kathy. Now you can start worrying about more important things.

Tom Barclay

If you get another white one, you can dye it any shade of red your little heart desires (or persuade someone to do it for you)!


I miss being smaller than an A cup. No one told me menopause would make Betty & Veronica bigger!

Also I have Congestive Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. fancy way of saying - don't wear a bra strap, pain & swelling above the collar bone. I just found some inexpensive bandeau style bras - yippee, 2 for $10, I bought 6. Not as attractive as the lift 'em up style of bra, but no screaming pain, I am all for that. Also - binds those babies down, smaller is better.

Hope all is going well with various treatments and bras, may your breasts be good 'sports' about it all.


And may I put my two cents in about people who are "bra fitters". Evidently there's a science to this of which I was not aware, although my daughter swears by it. Me? Not so sure. You cannot tell me that a 40DD and a 42D are the same (unless I'm one number on one side and the other on the opposite side). No. A very nice "fitter" tried to prove it to me...and did. For about 30 seconds. Now I simply find a brand that works...and hope they never go out of business. Kathy I'm glad you found some sports bras that work. That's one less minor distraction handled along the way to recovery.

Pam aka SisterZip

Maryann, it is a science. I think that fitter was incorrect for most women. I have both sizes in the same style and they are definitely not the same. I had a bra that I bought for almost 20 years, until they did away with that style. I then went to a fitter and she found one that was perfect but expensive. I was happy to pay the price for the pain in my shoulders and back to go away.

In high school I always said I was concave instead of convex. Post baby, the twins grew & grew and won't go away no matter how much weight I lose.

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