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Tom Barclay

Holly Hunter would play you. The rest of the cast will wear elevator shoes to get true-life proportions.


I didn't read it; I just wanted to post a comment on a TLC post.

Perhaps I'll read it later and submit an on-point comment. Perhaps not.


Well said! Our county has its share of issues, problems, questionable characters, and conflicts, but I try not to let that overshadow the fact that we do have freedom. Yes, I am aware that our freedom is not free and many take it for granted. However, I continue to value the fact that I can make decisions regarding my beliefs and dreams. I have the freedom to make my life the best for me. I have choices and rights. I am grateful for the basic elements of democracy on which our country was founded. Happy 237th Birthday!

Karen in Ohio

Kathy, you're a treasure. How I have missed your levelheaded snark.

Happy Fourth, and here's to going forward with better purpose and resolve.

Pam aka SisterZip

Welcome back! I have so missed your vision of things.

Just watch this clip from the opening shot of The Newsroom, by Aaron Sorkin. It goes hand in hand with what you said. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zqOYBabXmA

The one thing "The Greatest Generation" taught "The Boomers" is that nothing is free. If something is worth having, its worth working for. And that is something about which we Boomers have become complacient. As Sorkin has written in everything that has been produced, I think, its time for people "to show up".

Love you, Kathy!

Laura (in PA)


Maryann Mercer

You know I felt the same way about my trip to Scotland...one half of my own roots. The same tug of ancestry, the same joy at seeing where my mother and grandmother walked (and their town was so small that I know I stepped in their long-ago footprints. Catherine and I are planning a return trip, not just to the lowlands, but to the highlands themselves in all their glory.
That said, I too am not happy with my country...so much is wrong that I cannot fathom how it will be fixed in my lifetime. And yet, like you Kathy I love the place. We do still have freedoms other places can only dream of. We simply need to get ourselves up for the fight to return the government to the people, for the people, instead of pandering to self-inflated interest groups and, yes, foreign countries who take our money and then spit on us and our flag. And it can be done...I think of Ben Kingsley as vice-president Nance in Dave. He started as a councilman...in his own town...Maybe that is where it must start.
Happy Independence Day everyone!

Karen in Ohio

Maryann, that's exactly right. Grassroots beginnings!

In the early 1990's when my middle daughter, now almost 29, announced that she would be the first woman president I started thinking about how something like that could ever happen. The only high-ranking woman politician I knew about what former Kentucky governor Martha Layne Collins, who served in the mid-1980's. Her history is interesting. She started out as a school teacher, and then became interested in politics, working for various campaigns and as the secretary of the Democratic Party in Kentucky. Eventually, she rose to the point where she could run for--and win--the governorship.

So what we have to do is "raise up" people we know who are conscientious, moral, and decent human beings, intelligent enough to govern with a fine hand and honest enough to do so without being corrupt. I made the decision, right then, to begin supporting for and voting for women in whatever offices they were trying to win, regardless of party affiliation. (Sarah Palin changed my mind on that one, though.) That is the only way we will ever have equal representation, at least gender-wise. You can do the same thing for fill-in-the-blank purpose.


You are, as always, an eloquent voice of intelligence and reason and humor.

Belfast.Prison. - two words we should all fear. I sometimes pause before I hit "send" because I wonder if the words I've written will offend someone, or make me look dumb. It never occurs to me my words might land me in jail. Imagine living with that kind of fear--the Gag of Damocles.

Diane Russom Harrison

You are so right. We take for granted the freedoms for which we fought so mightily. We have become so complacent that we elect morons and then sit back in stunned paralysis when nothing moves forward in Congress. We need some new blood....some young hotshots with fire in their respective bellies to break the logjam we've come to accept as the status quo.

Maryalice gorman

Nailed it!!!!
Great way to celebrate freedom.....
Love and joy to u and yours

Storyteller Mary

Thank you for saying so well what needs to be said . . . it's not easy dancing "Mr. Adams' new gavotte" but let's keep trying. Hugs!

Lil Gluckstern

I like and agree with everything you.One of the reasons I hate what is happening in country is that we have so much that admirable, and desired by so many. I'd love to see Ireland. Everyone I read or talk to says it is just beautiful.


It's one or two minutes into Independence Day in California, and this is the best way to start celebrating. Kathy, you always speak for me, and with the kind of eloquence and courage I aspire to. Thank you. Happy 4th of July.

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