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Karen in Ohio

Oh, Kathy, thanks for expressing some of the rage I also feel. It's insane for these supposedly "small government" and "personal freedom" types to want to end freedoms and to expand government to fit into my vejayjay.

I have three daughters, and many female friends. Some of them--and I--have had abortions, miscarriages, dead fetuses, rapes, and other traumatic events. It's bad enough to go through any of this, but to have to also negotiate government-controlled procedures at the same time? Not fun, and not in any way what any thinking person would consider protecting one's personal freedom.

These last three weeks have been hard on my blood pressure, which is normally low enough to scare medical personnel. My fury at this assault on women and our independence and freedom is unmatched by any other event in recent history except when GW decided to invade Iraq on trumped-up bullshit.

The birth control issue: Hello, not a "religious" one. Women ALREADY pay as much as 30% more for health insurance coverage, solely because of being female and requiring reproductive care in their middle years. There is no economic reason whatsoever to keep contraception out of the prescription drug plans in my insurance policies; why should birth control pills be the ONLY prescription not covered? It is discrimination, and nothing more.

Ladies (and gents who love us), we need to get our asses to the polls in November and VOTE. And between now and then, our feets on the streets. There is a march in April in DC, and between now and then marches in various state capitols. Let's let our considerable voices be heard, and stop having our female parts legislated against.


Yay for Kathy! Thanks for distilling the anger and frustration into something that even a congressman might "get". I think I will cut and paste this to mine....


Kathy, thank you for saying with such clarity and eloquence (and no, I didn't know about Jefferson and Franklin, so thanks as usual for the history lesson) what I am internally screaming about. I will find the time to go march somewhere about this one. Makes. Me. Crazy.

A small point: if the miscarriage occurs early enough in the pregnancy, what I believe is called a chemical miscarriage, there is no D&C required. I don't want any chucklehead to dismiss your arguments because of one small exception.

Storyteller Mary

Thank you for speaking so articulately and passionately. My mother once said, "These people need to get their noses out of other people's bodies!" . . . and we need to make sure they do . . .

Maryann Mercer

We have books on display right now near the children's department about government, elections and...gasp...the real meaning of the Constitution. Written in simple language so even our politicians can understand what it is they're sworn to protect and defend. (and yes, the 2nd Amendment is CLEARLY explained...nowhere does it mention Sautrday Night Specials, Uzis or anything other than a DEFENSE militia). I'm tempted...and I really mean this...to send one to each of the Presidential Candidates as well as to my Rep and my Senator! These are kids' books, so it wouldn't bankrupt me, but I'm beginning to believe some of these guys have to have someone read to them, and then only what they want to hear!
On topic--I've been livid since before Komen's major-ass screw-up, and I can't say what I feel anymore eloquently than you do, Kathy. It took long for women to actually gain the "right" to control their own bodies...is there any legislation required for men? Of course not. They write the damned things, and the women who go along with them have a severe case of penis envy.
No man has ever had to suffer the pain of endoscopic pregnancy, multiple miscarriages before medical technology can ensure a live birth...or monthly periods so severe that we cannot stand up straight. So...if they don't know what a woman's body endures, they shouldn't have the right to legislate what it can and can't to. Argggh! Votevotevote! Writewritewrite! And make sure everyone who can vote does. We've ended up with idiots in Washington just because people do not think their votes count.

lil Gluckstern

Thank you for this. Please everybody, Obama isn't perfect, but he is waaay better than anyone else. Please vote!

Diana in STL

Amen Kathy! It is truly frightening how this idiocy seems to grow and prosper. We must get out and vote and convince people who think their vote doesn't count that it can and will. If we don't, women won't even be second class citizens.

My own state of MO seems to be heading toward more of this nonsense each year with the ultra-conservative people who are in charge. If they don't agree with a bill, it never makes it out of committee. Anything that is likely to help people is doomed. They are even trying to lower the minimum wage. Campaign finance reform - not in this lifetime.

Diane Russom Harrison

This is crazy scary, Kathy. Didn't we fight for our rights over 40 years ago? Who'd have thought this would swing around again? It's MY body, my health (physical OR mental). Now I've got to fight to have a PAP smear because I am terrified about the return of cancer? My insurer insists on my taking generic drugs manufactured in INDIA? I checked the packaging on Sam's Club generic Zyrtec. It is manufactured in INDIA. Bam, into the trash it goes. Now I must buy the more expensive Zyrtec(over the counter) but better that than some unknown ingredient.If I go to Target or Walmart or Walgreen's or CVS and ask where their generic benedryl is manufactured they can't give me an answer. They will say it's distributed by us but even their corporate offices give the runaround when asked directly. Do you think that the protocol for manufacturing in INDIA is as stringent as the USA? Hell no. Sorry I got off on a rant. I'm so angry and so are all my women friends. Let's channel this anger into pro-action and get 'er done!


Deliberate ignorance is simple and strong - like an anvil.

That's what we're up against.

Just as it's difficult to move an anvil from its resting place, it's tough to move people who like black and white solutions to every problem private or public.

But we failed at that task in 2004, and look what it got us.

As Lil, Maryann, Karen and others have said, we cannot permit failure this time. I don't want my granddaughters or their daughters growing up in the world of THE HANDMAID'S TALE.

Rock The Vote!

mary alice at mystery lovers bookshop

Without any spoilers here......you all must read Lisa Scottoline's new books and read all the drug labels and be informed!!!!
Lisa's in Pgh at out store on April 22 and I for one who has read this new book cannot wait to hear her talk!!!!

Elaine A. Judge

Some of this legislation is because people didn't vote in 2010. Everybody better get informed and get their behinds to the polls EVERY voting day or the crazies will take over.

Storyteller Mary

Mary Alice, could you tell me the title of Lisa's book?

Maryann, maybe we need to get someone to read that Constitution book aloud in session . . .


Lisa's new book: Come Home

...thank you, Kathy, for putting this so clearly for all of the numbnuts. Sigh. It amazes me that women can't get birth control but insurance has no problem covering the 'little blue pill' for the men. Really? Ugh. My best friend had to argue and fight with her insurance due to this....


Thank you, Kathy, for being so eloquent and articulate. It is truly scary what is going on regarding women's health issues. Sigh!

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