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Most people would consider this to be a life changing incident and would change their ways; become calmer, more laid back, relax a little bit.

It's nice to see you are, as always, the one constant in an ever-changing universe...:)

Karen in Ohio

Do as I say, not as I do. LOL!

Seriously, Kathy, I'm so happy you're doing this well. It could be so much worse. Love ya.


I finally had to cut that one little suture that looked like a bee's stinger. Nasty. Yesterday was my three month anniversary! In retrospect, they tell you, and by "you" I mean me, that it's about a six week recovery period. Ha! It was more like eight weeks then tack on a few more for good measure. This stuff takes time. Everyday is another further from the surgery and another day closer to healing...and Springtime! Take the time and enjoy the ride. It's making us damn interesting people!

Maryann Mercer

Bribing your doc with cookies? Not a bad idea...although my rheumatologist probably has dietary restrictions :o) Thing is, you're in good company when it comes to wanting things back to normal asap. We all do. It will happen. Just knowing you're OK is fantastic news. PS. No PA here, although when my doc did have one, he was great. And as far as mammograms go, I'm a definite fan...the digital ones are great, and ultrasound can be a big help in clearing up those 'grey areas'. Rock on, Kathy!

Pam aka SisterZip

I had my bone density test & mammogram in December. My mother and grandmother have/had osteoperosis, so the bone density was my biggest worry. It came back clean. But I had a 'place' on the mammo and had to have another one & an ultrasound. Turns out it is a cyst (a fairly good sized one that I didn't feel because of where it is situated) and I have to go back in June for another mammo. Have questions that I thought of for my doc when I see her. Will ask about the digital mammo. Even without family history of BC, it never hurts to be prepared.

I don't want anyone to have to go through this, but if it had to be anyone, at least we are laughing with our learning.

So happy things are getting back to 'normal' and pray, heartily, that it stays that way!

Storyteller Mary

Oh, so you're the reason doctors always look surprised when I say "of course I did what you said to do." Our family doctor stopped seeing our neighbor for not following his advice, "waste of my time and your money if you don't."

I'm glad you are listening and I hope your recovery smooths out. Prescription bras . . . that will be interesting. Probably not glamorous, though, I know my prescription stockings aren't.

They will be talking and laughing about you for quite a while . . .
(Careful) hugs to you!

Laura (in PA)

So glad you're doing well, now that you've decided you're not Superwoman. Well, not in this case, anyway.

You were my mantra last Friday, when I went for my mammogram and ended up being there for two hours and having three mammograms and a sonogram. I routinely have to make my appointments when the radiologist is there to read them right away, because they always call me to come back for new views. But this time they saw something, which he thought might be blood vessels, and ended up being a fluid-filled cyst. But I got the "you're good for a year" letter when I left. I wish you'd been there with cookies.

Elaine A. Judge

Hope you ARE behaving yourself. As my Mother would say when you'd ask her if she wanted anything. Her answer,"Maybe a cookie." Cookies and hugs are the best.

Get outside and get some D. Breathe in and listen to the birds (they are early) and the sky--fantastic.

Stay away from anything that will make you crazy--maybe the political world.

Stay focused and drink lots of WATER with those cookies. love ya


This makes me so happy - I can't believe it's over. I love you, Mom. I don't know what we'd do without you.

Renee in KS

Humor is good medicine. A good report with the doc is positive, but I'm sure they have their fill of patients who are less than honest. "Dr. Daniels, paging Dr. Jack Daniels"! Still is a funny line in most medical situations!

Kathy Reschini Sweeney

Yay Laura!! Love the "See You next year" results.

Kate - I think that might be the sweetest comment I have ever received. xo

Lora in Florida

Fellow Boobburghers, PLEASE perform monthly exams and PLEASE also check the skin under your armpits where your bra-line front meets the bra-line back. This is considered breast tissue as well. This is where I found my 4 centimeter lump January 2011. Stage 2b, invasive, intraductal. I'm ok. I had a partial mastectomy, chemo and radiation. BUT I only found it because my bra hurt on my left side. I had performed monthly breast exams on myself and hadn't found it. The tech could feel my lump but could not find it on the mammogram. When they did the digital, it came up as dense tissue, not a cyst. Again, the tech had to feel the lump, and then put the wand directly on it to get a picture. If I hadn't performed monthly exams, they would have chalked it up to cystic boobs and not moved so fast. But because I could swear that it wasn't there in October and November (not December; who can remember anything over Christmas??) they moved fast. Thank God for watching out for me. Please learn from my experience!

Kathy Reschini Sweeney

Thank you Lora!

This is exactly the kind of information we need to share to keep each other safe!!!

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