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Anne Cornwell

I'm still trying to figure out who the heck "Roman" is?
I totally agree with all of your blog. Paul Mc's hair and face don't go together anymore. It's time to look our age Paul. You sing great though!
I wish Gaga didn't have to look like a freak all the time; afterall, she is very talented.
One more thing....was the mouse singing?


I taped the Grammys and last night started watching and somehow (well, I can't figure out the technology, that's how) I only taped the first 22 minutes. A couple of songs (Bruce!) and a lot of commercials.

Thank you, Kathy. I no longer have to wonder how it all turned out.

Kathy Reschini Sweeney

How did I forget Bruno Mars? Cute as a button, that kid, and when he chided the audience to "Git up of ya rich asses", most of them actually did! Loved it.

Anne - exactly. The Minaj thing was a freak show. My son listens to the Maus, who I think is a rapper/production engineer type of guy. Unless he is still under the age of 13, that soprano sure as hell was not his voice!

Karen in Ohio

Adele is the real deal, isn't she? And so normal, in a sea of whackadoo. Nikki Minaj (WTF?), Gaga, Rihanna, and Katie Perry were wearing insane costumes and makeup, as the girl next door took all the prizes home, showing them you don't need all the flash to make a splash.

I'm sorry, but Paul McCartney can no longer sing. Honestly. And Tony Bennett, either. His duet with Carrie Underwood actually hurt my ears, they were both so flat. I love his older stuff, but he just does not have it any longer. Am I exposing the king wearing no clothes here?

Roman was the priest in the Exorcist, if I remember correctly, and the Nikki Minaj thing was meant to tell some sort of story about it, but damned if I could figure out what.

Karen in Ohio

Maybe Nikki Minaj is tired of being a live Barbie doll, and wanted to be seen as more cerebral. If so, it sure backfired.

Pastor Suz

It will be interesting to see how/if Adele's career progresses.

I have to admit that I'm not yet a fan of Bruce's new album. I'm not sure that "We Take Care of Our Own" will be nearly effective as some of the songs during the 2008 campaign. "The Rising" and "Land of Hope and Dreams" were both amazing. But the new one could grow on me.

I don't know if you've seen it, but this video convinced me that there's more to Gaga than the schtick. I wish she'd do an acoustic album.


And Paul McCartney looks great.


I saw Gaga singing "The Lady Is a Tramp" in a duet with Tony Bennett on his "Duets" special that runs on PBS. Like you, I walked away with a very different impression of her than I had originally.

Maryann Mercer

I've had Adele's CD's in my car since last summer and am never tired of hearing her...ballad or rocker, her pipes are awesome! And she IS a normal person (if you saw her interview with Anderson Cooper, she tells it like she sees it. Refreshing in someone so young AND so famous) She deserved every award and more. As for ther GaGa, her duet with Tony Bennett sent me to listen to more of her stuff, and I agree with Kathy. She has a great voice and style. Maybe someday she won't need the masks she hides behind, but the music is real.
I actually passed on the Grammys, because I don't like the posturing and some of what passes for music these days. I hear a lot of it at B&N on the playlists and embrace those with talent. :o) But remember, I remember Elvis in his early days...that's how old I am!
Did watch the BAFAS though...got my Colin, Hugh, Russell and Daniel fix...and fell in love with Jean duJardin!
PS. Bruce's new album is that good? I should add it to my list.
Thanks for the review Kathy. Have a great Valentine's Day!

judy merrill larsen

Can't wait for Bruce's new album . . . and i agree, that song will be a fixture on the campaign. Love it.

Perhaps I'm just a curmudgeon, but I was bummed that the planned tribute for Clarence Clemons (who did not die of an addiction filled life) was bumped for Whitney Houston (who did). Go ahead, blast me for this . . . I can take it.

Laura (in PA)

I don't usually watch the Grammys, but I watched about an hour and a half of it, and watched more on Youtube. Apparently they had the second highest ratings ever, around 30 million, so, Thanks, Whitney.

I am in love with Adele. I've loved her voice for months, and have both her albums, but after seeing her on the Grammys and then watching the 60 minutes interview with Anderson Cooper (between the two of them, I could barely contain myself with all the adorableness), I want to be her best friend. I watched the interview on my 60 Minutes app for my iPad, and they had some stuff that wasn't included in the broadcast, and I just love every minute. She's so cute, and unassuming, and fun - with a voice that blows your head off. I hope she stays that way, in all regards. And only 23-freaking years old! Whoever did her hair and make-up for the Grammys deserves an award of their own.

I also love Bruno Mars. Adorable, and his new album is do-wappy, so, yay!

I have huge respect for Lady Gaga, because she's extremely talented, and she is really working to help kids. The get-ups are weird, but I don't think it's to distract from lack of talent, it's just what she wants to do. So, go ahead, whatever. It worked for Elton John.

I have no use for Chris Brown or Nikki Minaj, and I thought they should've left the Beach Boys in moth balls - holy God, they looked ancient.

Laura (in PA)

No blasting here, Judy - I agree. Whitney had the most beautiful voice ever, and I'm sorry she died, but she let it all go.

I missed Clarence. I read somewhere that on Bruce's tour, the sax will be played by Clarence's grandson? newphew? I don't remember - but cool.

judy merrill larsen

Bruce will take an entire brass section--Clarence canNOT be replaced, can he?--including Jake Clemons, Clarence's nephew. Very cool, I think.

Pam aka SisterZip

I love strong female singers (and if Brittany would stop with the over manipulated baby voice, I would like her too) and was stunned the first time I heard Adele. I had never heard of her of Gaga until I heard the songs on Glee. So I searched them out. Not too crazy about Gaga's voice, but I immediately picked up both of Adele's cds. The girl is natural, sweet, funny, and just downright gorgeous. Karl Lagerfeld, be damned.


Really Chris Brown! I always liked Lady GaGa, I do like Nikki Minaj but she was over the for the grammys she looked like Little Red Riding Hood! LOVE Bruce and Adele

Kaye Barley

I was SO angry about seeing Chris Brown being showcased, I could hardly watch the show.

and when Nikki what's her name was doing her thing WHATever it was supposed to be - I finally turned it off.

But I adore Adele. it was worth seeing the crap to experience Adele.

Sadly, I think we lost Whitney Houston and all God may have meant for her to be many years ago. I've never been a big fan of pop music. I'm still stuck in Motown and Southern Rock mode, but Whitney and her high notes could bring me to tears. As did Jennifer Hudson's tribute, but I found it to be painful to watch.

I'm more for the kind of tributes we saw for Glen Campbell. Celebrate the talent while it lives.

I would have really enjoyed seeing The Allman Bros. receive their Grammy for Lifetime Achievement. They've been making music for 43 years. Will that Nikki person still be making "music" 43 years from now? Pfft.

And Kathy - I agree. I'm now a Gaga convert also. There's a lot to that young woman.

Loved starting the show off with Bruce - Yay!!! And I lifted a glass to Clarence.


Sorry Clarence was not honored. Too much focus on Whitney. Addiction sucks, but no reason to idolize her.
Really didn't like N. Minaj, and whatever the supposed duet with Cold Play (whom I like) was so not forthcoming that I just changed channels then. I doubt I would have watched the whole show even if it weren't running opposite Downton Abbey, although I tried because I like LL Cool J. I love music, of all kinds, but the Grammy Awards show has never been very appealing to me. Tried to pay attention to Bruno Mars to figure out what people like about him, but somehow it was just noise to me at that moment.

Susan Eng

No one mentioned Katie Perry! I love to hear her sing but I couldn't get past all the crap happening on stage. And WTF was she wearing?? IDK, I miss the days when folks just sang and didn't blow up stuff, shoot fire out of their behinds and throw chairs. Just sing for crying out loud.

Kack, I was not impressed with Paul's love song either - could have left that out and no one would have missed it.

Karen in Ohio

Susan, you cracked me up with "shoot fire out of their behinds". So true! Sheesh.

But I enjoyed Katie Perry's song, and would probably have liked it without any of the pyrotechnics and costumes. Why do they have to try so hard?

Laraine, that's it, exactly: why idolize her? My daughter, whose husband is a Lieutenant in the National Guard, and who is going to Afghanistan in a few months, posted something on Facebook about this. It shows HUGE headlines about Whitney Houston, and a tiny little crawl notice about troops killed in the Middle East. We have lost our collective minds, I fear.

Elaine A. Judge

Didn't see the Grammys but watched Lady Gaga with Tony Bennett on a PBS show recently and they were fantastic together.

Kathleen Oravec

Didn't watch the Grammys, I'll confess...Pens game on. However, Kath, I have HUGE respect for Lady Gaga. She is immensely talented, has a great voice, and I've heard nothing but wonderful things about her as a person. Actually, Tony Bennett went out of his way to shower her w praise after working w her - talked about her talent, and also her graciousness, as she made sure to personally thank everyone who helped w their session.

The outfits and videos can certainly be over the top, but, if you really want to see her without distraction, look up Stefani Germanotta on YouTube. Her performance at NYU is a great example.

Diana in STL

Yes it was too bad they spent so much time on Whitney and dissed Clarence. I, too, dismissed Lady Gaga at first but not only does she have talent she does a tremendous amount of good for kids. Not only anti-bullying but for the LBGT community too.

Chris Brown, the less said the better. Apparently Rihanna hasn't learned from that experience either.

Adele - what else can be said about her. Such a talented woman who gives me chills when I hear her voice. She don't need no stinken' special effects... her beautiful voice is more than enough.

So many of the so-called "stars" would be nothing without autotune and special effects.

gaylin in Vancouver

Late to the blog today . . . I did watch some of the Grammy's but couldn't sit and watch it straight through, too much posturing and buttocks sucking.

Lady Gaga can seriously sing and write, too bad she always looks so unhappy or constipated or ??? The problem with doing performance art is never knowing when to stop. Her ongoing attempts to out-do herself cast a shadow on her talent.

Bruno Mars rocked! Adele, awesome. Saw her on Anderson Cooper as well and for once an artist I wouldn't mind being in the same room with.


I loved Bruno Mars. He did an amazing job, the song was fun, and the dancing was amazing! He is such a versatile and talented young man!

I got the impression that Katy Perry's song was directed at her soon-to-be ex-husband, her voicing her strength and independence. My kids really like her stuff, whereas I go back and forth--some I like, some is meh.

Couldn't agree more with the commentary on Nikki M. and the "elderly" performers, although their backup bands were fabulous (esp. for McCartney).


Great post. Thanks Kathy.

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