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"Return of the King" is okay, but my "getting home" movie was TOMBSTONE. There's a reason for that.

Stroke protocol calls for a list of words to be read off a list which one has to repeat to the doctor, in order for him to gauge cognitive response, facial movements, etc. One of the words was 'huckleberry'. I grinned as best I could at the moment, and yelled "TOMBSTONE!" The doctor paused, then got it, and grinned back. One of the nurses got it, and giggled.

That was the moment I knew *I* was still intact. A little slower, maybe, but still around. SO.... me being me, the first thing I did the night I got home was find the DVD of TOMBSTONE, and watched it.

For all the TLC'rs here, a friend tested my memory by asking "Who played James Bond after Sean Connery?" I instantly replied, "Nobody!" We both laughed long and loud....:)

So happy to hear that you've delivered a *MAJOR* bitchslap to the Big C, Kathy. All of us knew, if anyone could, it would be you, and you didn't disappoint...:)

Kathy Reschini Sweeney

Good one, William.

NOTE: Arrgghh. So sorry about the typos. I simply cannot get Typepad to accept changes. I hate that.

Katie Grindle Marquez

I am elated that you are FREE- and also excited by the fact that I have connected with another family member via FACEBOOK. I love your blogs, and look forward to your comedy throughout. I work for a Prosthetics and Orthotics Lab in Central PA. We do the post masectomy prosthesis (which thankfully you do not need), but the compression bras look a bit uncomfortable-especially for the larger sizes-which I am-take care Kathy and you are wonderful!


God blesses us in the most unexpected ways. Prayers for continued good news and good health for you and yours, Kathy.

Diana in STL

So glad you are doing well. I really do believe that positive thoughts and prayers make a difference. It may not always be the way we think it will but it does.

I'm happy my niece is recovering from bypass surgery (5) especially since there were complications a few weeks later.

Annette Dashofy

I love the quiet, meditative time after a major upheaval. Bask in it, Kathy.

And, William, I love TOMBSTONE, too. Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday is the BEST.

Karen in Ohio

Love the idea of bitch-slapping GFYC, Kathy. If anyone coulda done it, that would be you, Rebecca.

William, now I have to watch Tombstone, too. High fives, all around, for our own TLC health triumphs. Elaine was a good role model for you both, clearly. :-)

Maryann Mercer

Bitch-slaps are great things! And you certainly did it. I carried the good news with me like a mantra all day Friday and yesterday...it's amazing how it kept things (like rudeness and stupidity) in perspective as I walked the aisles at B&N. I now have this mental picture of a shield-bearing "K" charging into a rather stricken ringwraith "C". You go Eowyn! Wish I could have partied with you...but I did put some beer in the soup I'm making for tonight!

Storyteller Mary

Here's to quiet days! Love you, you strong amazing woman . . . hugs!

Elaine A. Judge

Enjoy the quiet and peace. Yes, cancer does make you more aware of things and especially the "now."

After radiation treatments, I remember having lunch at the restaurant in the Latrobe airport. It overlooks a beautiful field and then the St. Vincent campus. It had rained and it was early Spring and when the rain stopped, a beautiful DOUBLE rainbow appeared. I got up from my chair and stood by the window watching the sight and waiting until every color diminished. Some older woman walked by and said, "What are you looking at honey?" I said, "A double rainbow." She never even stopped to look for a minute and then said, "There will always be another one to watch--I have to go now." I thought maybe she was late for her flight or just didn't want to take the time to stop. Let's watch all the rainbows and everything else out there that is calling to us.

Karen in Ohio

How sad, to think a double rainbow isn't occasion enough to stop and marvel at its beauty.

Let's all promise to take the time to appreciate such amazing moments. Despite that woman's certainty that there would "always" be another one, there is no such guarantee in life.

gaylin in Vancouver

A quiet day to enjoy is a gift. I am so happy that they got all the cancer and you have the gift of many more years. Healthy, happy and peaceful.

As they said in the 70's, Keep on Truckin'.

Meghan Weaver

So glad you posted. I was getting anxious. I was about to call Lainie. GFYC!

lil Gluckstern

It is good to have a quiet day, when all is well, and people are in order and NO Cancer!


....catching up on all of your news. When it is said that laughter is the best medicine, they aren't kidding!

My Friday was quiet in a different way...selection for federal grand jury duty. Sigh. I am alternate #7. To cheer me up, my niece and I went to our walmart for the release of Breaking Dawn and won a bunch of prizes (thanks to my being able to project my voice. LOL!).

Saturday was my quiet day to read and relax.


The quiet that comes from a mind at peace is the best kind of quiet. I am so very very glad you have been given this gift. If it were up to me I would have picked another way for you to receive it :-) but it's still a wonderful gift indeed.

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