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April 14, 2010

Blood and Daisies

White daisies By Elaine Viets

WARNING: Some men may find today’s topic embarrassing. It’s okay to skip it. But if you’re brave, you will discover why the woman you love gets cranky every 28 days – and why she nearly punched you when you bought her tampons the size of redwoods and said, "I got the biggest ones. Those are better, right?"

The TV commercial focuses on a scene of snowblinding whiteness. A stick-thin brunette in a white pantsuit says, "Hi, I’m a believably attractive 18-to-24 year old female. You can relate to me because I’m racially ambiguous and I’m in this tampon commercial because market research shows girls like you love girls like me."

Women start giggling when they see this U by Kotex ad. Most men will stare clueless.

The brunette says, "Buy the same tampons I use because I’m wearing white pants and I have good hair and you wish you could be like me."

By the time Ms.18-to-24 finishes dancing, puffing on dandelion fluff and cavorting in white, women are howling with laughter. Most guys still don’t get it.

Men won’t find this second U by Kotex commercial funny, either. That’s where another Pink butterfly

brunette says, "How do I feel about my period? I love it."

Piano music ripples as a woman releases butterflies. "It makes me feel really pure," our brunette says. "Sometimes I just wanna run on the beach."

The ad shows a soft (and snarling) white kitten, a woman twirling in gauzy white clothes, another woman in tight white Spandex, and three women dancing – again in white.

"Why are tampon ads so ridiculous?" both U by Kotex ads ask.

By this time, most women are laughing so hard, our stomachs hurt, but not because it’s our periods. The guys look lost.

Here are two U by Kotex ads, if you haven’t seen them. http://tinyurl.com/y478yn3

And here’s my explanation, dudes, for why they are so funny to females.

Dancing, twirling and leaping. Women don’t feel like dancing. Well, okay, if we don’t want kids, we might dance. A little. Let’s say we find out we weren’t knocked up, even after we downed three margaritas and fell into bed with a guy – and the next day, we saw the condom box was still sealed. We might manage a short happy dance. Then we’d go back to holding our aching guts.

Woman with rose Serene and smiling. Try cranky and bloated. During this time, men make many controversial statements:

He: Good morning.  

She: What do you mean by that?

The poor slobs are puzzled because they have no idea what they said wrong.

Saying nothing can be worse. Remember those old "Modess . . . because . . ." ads?

They usually showed some dippy overdressed woman standing around a garden or beside a Greek Jpg column.

"Because" what? We never knew. Modess didn’t even show the product. This went on month after month from the mid-1940s to the 1970s. Ms. Fancy Dress should have been arrested for loitering.

Perfect skin. Women in old-school tampon ads all have clear skin. Here’s the awful truth: zits glow like rubies during periods. Nothing hides them, not even spackling on concealor.

Flat stomachs. We really hate seeing those. We can barely move. Our guts are as swollen as love-sick frogs and we have to watch some twirling toothpick-thin twit with a stomach as flat as an ironing board.

Butterflies and fields of daisies. For an accurate tampon commercial, show me a field of Clydesdales. You can get them cheap from Anheuser-Busch – the brewer is supposedly dumping its famous horses as their corporate symbol.

Can the butterflies and daisies. Show us horses kicking women in the gut. You can make the horses white, if you want.White horse

What is it with white?

Does any woman worth her bra cup wear white during her period? I don’t care how good the product is. We aren’t that stupid. We don’t see white. We see red. Blood red. We don’t think about butterflies. We want butcher knives. Axes. Chainsaws.

How can men help women feel better during this time? Shut up. Zip it. That means your lip and that other area down there. Because this is all your fault. I don’t know how, but it is.

Meat cleaver


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Elaine - have you been reading my mind? These commercials make me crazy.

Show me a woman who 'loves' her period, and I'll show you a woman on some serious anti-psychotic drugs.

Plus - white pants? Are you kidding me with this? WTF wears white pants? Not Moms, who know damn well one of the kids is going to get something on them. Not women between 35-65 (that's the new range for menopause, thank you very much). Not women who live in climates where the weather is iffy.

Know who wears white pants? Women who have had hysterectomies. And brava to them - they've earned it. But guess what? Another thing they've earned is that the words tampon, pad, and Kotex are no longer part of their working vocabulary.

New warning in my house: check the calendar and don't push me.

It was the passive female in the fancy dress who got me, Kathy. I guess the running, jumping, dancing ads were in reaction to that passive nitwit posing in the long dress . . .because . . .

I have always had sympathy for women during their periods, but I'm smart enough not to offer it or, indeed, any other bit of advice, consolation, recipes, humor or words of any sort. I just shut the hell up and try to blend into the background.

On the other hand, when they are not OTR (as my sister puts it), women seem to have no problem discussing their menstrual adventures in great detail with me. I can say with 100% certainty that I know more about some women's periods than their husbands & boyfriends ever will. I suspect it is my lack of squeamishness due to being a Biology kinda guy.

Ya know what commercials make me, and other guys I know, laugh? Those "Viva Viagra" ones. For chrissake, they're singing about how it takes a pill for them to get wood! Who the hell would sing about that?

Maybe the old guy married to the young hottie who wears white and dances around when she on her period.

You are a good friend, Doc, to earn that dubious honor.

Great posts and my thoughts exactly.

Like Doc, I hear about it with surprising candor from female friends, but am lucky enough to be married to a woman who used to say, "Aw, damn" once a month, and that was that. Having known other women who had horrendous cycles, you better believe I know how lucky I am in that regard.

The part about the Viagra commercial that always make me laugh is the "if an erection lasts more than four hours, seek medial assistance immediately." NO KIDDING, PAL! Fun is fun and jokes are jokes, but FOUR HOURS? Doesn't anyone see something wrong with that? Ranks up there with Hair Restoration products; women, especially pregnant women, cannot even touch this stuff, but men are supposed to use it like shampoo for months? Something's wrong with all of this Better Living Through Chemistry stuff....

I spent years as one of those "oh damn" women. Then I hit my late 40's and all bets are off. I would personally sell my soul for a feminine hygiene product that would allow me to waltz in white pants (or even khaki's for that matter), but have no faith at all in advertiser claims. I can't believe that any product will transform what can only be honestly described as a crime scene into a field of daisies.

I have friends in their 40's who swear by an IUD-like device with some sort of hormonal insert that has pretty much eliminated the monthly angst, but am too wary of "better living through chemistry" claims to go down that particular primrose path. So I'm toughing it out with iron supplements and dark colors the way nature intended.

The first time I saw the new ads I about peed myself laughing! Someone finally got it right. I myself have turned into a "super plus" AND pad chick to stem the flood of PURE JOY that flows as I embrace my late 40's. White. Please.

Those ads are a joy--I laugh each time I see them (although I have to wonder why they show up during RuPaul's Drag Race). Who knew that Kotex's corporate higher-ups had a sense of humor?

I have never worn a pair of white pants or a white skirt (yes, I owned one--once) that I didn't end up sitting in something, like blueberries. Forget it.

Back when I was acting in commercials, the only audition I recall saying, "no, thanks" to was the product with wings. Remember that one? Late 80's? Sanitary napkins flying across the tv screen?

Of course, the actress yakking about it doesn't get to fly, or I might've done it.

I was very happy that I was paid enough, hawking coffee, wine, Jell-O brand sugar-free pudding and Mern's Mart that I could say no to menstrual products. Trust me, no actress truly wants to be the "I love my period" girl.

And how come they're firing the Clydesdales?!

Yeah, that sucks about the Clydesdales.

We're making progress with the commercials. Now they need one where the guy comes in and says, "Hi, Honey!", and she throws a vase at his head, and he knows enough not to say, "I know you're just upset because it's that time of the month." Then I'll buy a case.

They might even show the product, Laura.
Even these avant-garde ads only showed the packages. Very nice packages in black with yellow and hot pink accents. But still. We have a long way to go, baby.

...and another thing -

have you seen the new grocery store displays for these new tampons? It's the same brand with the Swan Lake meets daisies Elaine describes. No baby blue, no pink. These colors are fuschia, bright yellow, neon green, etc. They are targeted to 'professional women' - WTF is that about?

If they invented one that actually WORKS (Like a Super Plus 8 that is smaller than an iPod) tell me about it - but simply change the color of the wrapper?

It's not like we're wearing the damn things as earrings until we need one.

Plus, every woman knows that Playtex are easier to use than Kotex. Sheesh.

OH, my gosh. Elaine, I LOVE those ads. So snarky, so sarcastic, so brilliant. So meta.

Last night, one came on, but it was on Tivo, so Jonathan started to fast forward.I said, no, wait,I want to see this again.

It's an AD, he said.

Yeah, I know, I said, but it's so funny! I wish you could have seen his baffled expression..

Afterwards I said --it makes me want to buy Kotex!! (But what would I do with them..?)

This is a funny post. Thank you for leavening the day.

As a possibly-related aside, the Phillies' Mother's Day game is being billed as "Motrin IB Mother's Appreciation Day." I don't know what the giveaway is, and I'm not sure I want to know. (Father's Day is sponsored by Chevrolet, which I don't think is equivalent to Motrin.)

William, you made me laugh.

A couple of years ago, I was in the grocery store, feminine product aisle, and this very uncomfortable looking man approached me. "Excuse me, uh, uh, but you look like you're still in business and, uh uh, can you help me out?" His wife had just had surgery, their daughter had started for the first time, blah blah, and he needed some selection advice. Which I helped with, despite the fact that he said I looked like I was STILL IN BUSINESS!!!!

Let's not forget about the Ads with *Mother Nature* in all her green suited glory, bestowing her *GIFT* on poor unsuspecting women at the most awkward time (yeah right). My 15 yo thinks they are hilarious and if the Ad company thinks they are gaining future customers, think again.

Going back to Doc's comment about the MID meds -- has anyone else seen the one for a Pet Store that lampoons the Cialis adds. If you blink, you'll miss it, but it shows different dogs cavorting around and right at the end there are two of them gazing at the sunset as they sit in individual metal wash tubs. I almost passed out from laughing so hard.

Now do I have a story for you all.
We were going to Argentina to dance for the first time and I told the girls not to worry...they are NOT a third world South American country so don't fill your carry on with cotton rockets.
We arrive and guess what? The only thing they have are Obi Wan Kanobies. Might as well put string on a cotton ball they are so small.
Our tech guy had to go back to the States and we all begged, pleaded and paid him to bring us all a super size box back. No arguing with nine desperate women sick of rinsing out their g-strings in the sink every month.
When he came back and went through customs not only was he embarrassed to pieces but almost arrested. The police thought he was trying to sneak them into the country to sell on the black market and this was before airport security as we know it today.
He ended up paying like $20.00 for each box and vowed never again to get involved with female problems. Come to think of it exploding tampons would be a great disguise for female terrorist!
Anyways, we thought it was so hysterical we made up a song to sing him at the cast party when we closed. And yes we wore tampons on our ears like chandelier earrings!
"Tampons are a girls best friend."

I forgot to mention that it is a guys fault that childbirth is so painful. So I figure the rest of the whole female misery is the same guy. BTW...his name was Adam.

Very funny, Elaine!

Seriously, it's common for this to get worse in your 40's? At least I'm not alone...

The Cialis ads are way worse than the Viagra ads. Whoever thought separate tubs was sexy is doing things seriously wrong.

Hey, I'm a married man, I can shop the pad aisle. I do cheat. I take the box top from the old box with me. Somewhere in the This American Life Archives is a quick tale of a woman from Eastern Europe who is now in America. She is overwhelmed by the choices and too embarrassed to ask for help.

I will end with the story of "The World's Greatest Salesman"

A young guy is looking for work and goes to a big "everything under one roof" department store looking for a job.

The Manager says, "Do you have any sales experience?" The kid says "Yes, I am the world's greatest salesman.”

"That is a pretty bold statement. How about you come in tomorrow and I will give you a try?”

the young guy came in the next day. At the end of the day the boss checked on his sales.

"How many customers bought something from you today? The kid says "one".
The boss says "Just one?
Our sales people average 20 to 30 customers a day. How much was the sale for?" The young guy says "$101,237.65".
The boss says "$101,237.65? What the heck did you sell?"

“I sold him a boat.”

“We don't have a $100,000 boat”

“I know.” The young guy continued. “I sold him an SUV to tow his new boat”

“So a guy came in to buy a boat and you sold him an SUV to go with it?”

“No. I sold him the boat to go with the new tackle box.”

“Impressive, a man came in to get a tackle box and you sold him a boat and an SUV.” The boss said.

“No. I sold him the tackle box to go with the new fishing pole.”

“Now I am impressed. A man comes in to get a new fishing pole and you sell him the pole, a tackle box full of lures, a boat and an SUV?”

“Um, no. He came in for a box of tampons. I said 'Your weekend is shot, you should go fishing.”

OMG, Elaine, I saw that ad for the first time last night. As soon as I saw the white, I thought "oh, no, please." Then, as I was reaching for a brick, I figured it out. It just got better and better.

Of related interest: Dave Foley on "The Kids in the Hall." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cLHBwvMVow

JanetLynn - honey, it gets much, much worse in your 40s. Dare we hope the 50s will bring some kind of relief?

The Cialis ads make me laugh, too. Separate bathtubs? Is this the new version of those sitcom married couples who slept in twin beds? And won't the water in the tub get cold when you're holding hands and staring at the sunset?

There's a recent ad for a male enhancing product that will allow him to be ready anytime. He takes the daily dose and miraculously he can be at his lady's beck and call.
The ad shows the lady on a ladder painting the wall with roller brush.
He tracks her down and with a knowing glance alerts her that yes it's time.
She lovingly hands him the paint roller and they walk off into the bedroom
My husband while watching this add says "See, honey. She knows how to paint."
And maybe I'll get that product where he can be ready anytime!

To quote Maurice Chevalier: I'm glad I'm not young anymore.

Every 28 days? WTF, I coulda slapped somebody like that! I got mine every 14 days and it lasted for a week! Any wonder I hugged my Dr. when he said I needed a hysterectomy at 24 yrs old? LOL
My daughter thought I was nuts when I told her she was lucky to have a choice of tampons and adhesive pads (remember the old pads & belts? owww tangled in the the hair down there!)
Wear white? LOL! Pitchers of kool-aid & plates of spaghetti jump across the room at me!
The 'mother nature' commercials? I'd like to see the gal in the kayak smack her upside the head with her paddle!

Jeff Foxworthy said,
"If you have an erection lasting more than 4 hrs. go to the hospital?!
Hell yeah! I'm gonna put that hosp. gown on backwards, hold it open in front and walk down the hallways saying HEY! LOOKEE HERE WHAT I GOT!!"

The only thing that I miss about the good old days of the cycle or as some people called it: "My friend" was running to get the Midol. That seemed to cure so many ills.
Having an excuse as a young girl to hibernate a little and watch movies or any diversion seemed to stop after the kids arrived. Popping Midol seemed to banish away the blues and pain and get to that caretaking and housekeeping.
I wish I was young again!

I just saw the first of those commercials last night and thought it was hilarious! The white-pants thing is lots of fun for female martial artists. . . .

For once I am happy to have an odd medical history, my period has gotten lighter and lighter the older I get, hopefully soon it will STOP. The mess I can deal with, it is the 4 days of binge munchies before hand and the depression during that get to me.

Back in the dark ages of belts and mouse mattresses when I started (circa 1973), my mom got mad at me, now she had 4 females in the house bleeding and it was getting too expensive . . . My mom never got a cramp in her life and thought we were all faking if we did.

I did have one friend in high school who used to go on and on about how much she loved her period, it made her feel like a whole woman and a bunch of tripe like that. Really, I feel wholly insane sometimes but nothing NOTHING is better than that shower post-period when I really feel clean.

Alan, a guy has to use a cheat when he goes to the feminine hygene aisle. When I was a teenager and my mom & sis would send me to the store, the fem hyg section was about a foot wide and had pads and tampons that were all one size.

Nowadays, the same section is 18 feet wide, 9 feet tall and has 4,951 kinds of products. Buy one that is even a tiny bit wrong and life as you know it is over. It's terrifying. The secret is to buy more than she asks for, so you only have to make the trip every 3-4 months.

I am SO glad that I'm a man.

Good to know I earned those white pants!

When I ran the Center for Victims I had a staff of 32-----2 men. It took them about 2 months to chart everyone's period! That was chocolate covered pretzels day and stay outta the way.

The white pant thing seems to define who in the pristine category or who is named "Pigpen"
My one daughter was the one where if she was sitting in a dirt pile she still would emerge without a speck of dirt on her.
My other daughter would be all ready to go out and before she left the house she would have something on her.
The other day at a family outing the lines were drawn.
Pristine daughter said "Look mom. Dad and I don't have any hamburger drippings on us".

"So?" I said. Pigpen reigns in My world.
She said "I take after Daddy!"
"So?" I said again.
"Ya, even my napkin stays clean, Hahaha."
So white does not live in my world!!

I think certain fabrics attract spills, Marie. I had a powder blue skirt that I loved. Everytime I wore it,something got spilled on it -- coffee, tea, ketchup. I finally ditched it. I couldn't afford the dry cleaning.

You guys are killing me. I had to go away to catch my breath after the “you look like you’re still in business” guy.

I always found it amusing that men are so squeamish concerning this matter. We have to sit through all of the crap that is advertised to men. The ED med commercials with the Stepford looking people. Viva Viagra is just the tip of the iceberg. Dear Hubby was always a rock during the stress of my early menopause. He would be YELLING at me to tell the doctor that he simply had to do a hysterectomy. Like anyone, even Jesus appearing on a half shell, would convince the insurance bastards to approve such a thing before I was 46. He had to go to the store for me to pick up supplies. I had Mother Nature’s gift for 4 straight months and had run out. He started to complain about the cost and inconvenience when I shot him a look. He immediately shut up and went to the store. He’s lucky I didn’t pull out his 30/30 shotgun.

As Mr. Garrison (South Park) said, “I just don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die.”

I was always impressed that my Dad never minded going to the store to get feminine products for Mom. Then it occurred to me that she gave birth to nine kids, so he damn well better go.

Rita, mentioning the belts etc.
Nothing hurts more than when the helpful adhesive clings to the very private areas.
Duct tape could not be more painful.
Who invents these forms of torture, anyway?



'Nuf said.

Doc, I think my Dad got retribution after he came to live with me.
Every week our grocery list included a half-gallon of some libation and some chewing tobacco..yes chewing tobacco.
The grocery checker would look at me and she didn't seem to have a problem with the whisky but that chewing tobacco must have given her plenty to think about.
She probably surmised that when she checking out the diapers, formula etc. that motherhood was not for sissies.

What is it with Kotex changing their packaging constantly!! I can never buy the same package of pads twice. Drives me nuts.
I had a PID years ago and bled for 2 months, the guy I was living with could go buy my brand of tampons without taking a cheat-sheet by the end of all that.

And yes, Marie, there is nothing like having your adhesive pad 'turn' on you.

One more thought...the DEPENDS deception.
Who hasn't picked a package of Maxi-Pads in order to deceive the grocery checker of thirty-five years that you DO indeed need these and are not ready for DEPENDS!
Ya! That will give her something to snicker at during her break!

Marie, my father and the other outside workers at the electric company kept Midol on their utility truck. Said it was a killer hangover cure. I don't want to think about working on high-voltage lines hungover.

Marie -- that section of the store is also becoming more confusing and EXPENSIVE!! Not saying I need them, but they are right next to the the other hygiene items.

Give me a break -- what brain cramp decided that Poise was a good name for a little dribble problem.

Like a friend of mine always says "Don't Poke the Tiger" and you'll live.

Ya, Debrasue!!
I cannot remember anyone ever telling me that I was a POISED young lady in my youth.
That label seemed to be reserved for the more self-possessed young women. Gosh, I always hope to be self-possessed but I seemed to give off the aura of the possessed.
Speaking of needed items I am still too shy to even glance at all the products that men have available to them.
They have been the target of so many helpful products.
You gotta love how the genders have equal opportunity in the grocery aisles.

Elaine, I think that the little blue pill..Midol..seemed to be the cure-all before the new age blue pills!
Real men took MIDOL!!

Alan, William, Josh and Doc, thank you for your funny and thoughtful posts. Once again, the Men of the Blog do not disappoint.

Who was shocked and surprised that women in romance novels often feigned longer cycles to torture their beloveds?
That probably only happened in Historicals before the calendar.
This would never happen in the real world! LOL!

Elaine, "that time of the month" was one of the things covered at new employee orientation at the girls school where I briefly worked. "Statistically 20% of the campus is having 'that time of the month' every day."

Alan. Chocolate. Don't leave home without it.

I wonder, with the topic of the menstrual system being so open, could that explain the surge in vampire movies and books?

BTW - I should be reading at least two stories in "Crimes by Moonlight" this weekend.

Wow. let my computer die and be offline for a few days and come back to a post on periods! LOL

The "painting ad"? Yeah, hubby and I got a chuckle out of that.

This whole discussion on running, jumping, during "that time of the month" reminds me of politically incorrect joke...I'll take out the PC angle...

A "insert ethnicity of your choice here" guy received his first paycheck and hurried out the door on Friday to cash it. His buddy stopped him and asked what he was going to do with his first paycheck. The guy replied, "I'm going to go buy a box of Tampax." His buddy said, "Tampax? Why would you want to buy Tampax?" The guy says, "because I want to go skiing, and sailing, and jogging."

Ahh, the joys of the "feminine hygiene" aisle. I recently switched to a Diva Cup (you'll never see it in a womens magazine, I think because they don't want to antagonize their advertisers) and only rarely have to purchase supplies anymore. Yeah! (yes it's more hands on, but it holds more and you never run out). Plus there's no bleach in it (have an issue with pads: can't they make green friendly ones (that then won't irritate sensitive area with chemicals) that also stick well??? Is it rocket science? (I bet any product that regularly pulled a guys hairs there would be revamped mighty quick!

I ran into a former student from my first year of teaching junior high -- all grown up and taking her children to the Magic House (science for kids). She told me she would always remember my kindness and wisdom -- I had visions of our Shakespeare discussion in class, but no, something much more real . . . a moment I had forgotten, but she had not. I had tied her sweater around her waist to hide the stain on the back of her pants and told her, "Every single woman alive has had this happen, so don't worry about it."

Yes, Mary...It has happened to everyone!

I swear, I haven't laughed so hard in a really long time.

And today I needed it.

Thanks, Elaine. This was great!

I worked in a supermarket stocking shelves many years ago in my youth and had occasion to work "that" aisle. It wasn't "that" aisle for long and stocking feminine hygiene products became no different than cans of tomato soup. Male shoppers often turned to me for help like I had a clue. What I learned was that even when a couple has been married 20 years chances are that not only has the man paid no attention to which brands/types/styles his wife has been bringing home the entire time, he has probably actively avoided any knowledge of the subject. So, ladies, you can help your guys avoid that deer in the headlights look by being very specific when you send them off with the shopping list. It was kind of fun messing with them, though.

As for the new commercials, when the first one started, I thought, "They've got to be kidding." I envisioned pitch forks and torches for some reason. Then I was satisfied that they were and I exhaled.

Dominican sister, a teaching order in white habits! When I taught study skills at St. Cecilia's, I asked how they kept those white habits clean. I was told that the teachers of the younger elementary students sometimes got a bit "sticky" but that the children were usually very careful and washed their hands before hugging their teacher. The habits did look elegant when the sisters walked on the well-manicured campus. http://nashvilledominican.org/

TLC is responsible for people thinking I'm totally crazy! LOL
I ran Ruby to Walmart to pick up a prescription this afternoon. There was the whole endcap covered with a display of Kotex U! Of course I had to stop & look at all the bright pretty colors and was LMAO!
BTW, I always keep a pack of pads around.
Think about it, most men think their hands will fall off if they touch them! Makes it the perfect place to hide things. The week we were getting divorced I quit wearing my wedding rings. A-hole thought I should give them back to him (yeah right!) He looked EVERYWHERE but didn't find them! LOL!!!

I keep some (my mother's code word was "cheesecake" -- was that ever confusing!) in the guest bathroom just in case someone needs them, but what an excellent secondary use for them. Hmm, I think that was a subplot in one of the Sisterhood books . . .
In _The Red Tent_ it was a time for the women to retire and sit and talk . . . not a bad idea, really.

Am I ever late to the party! You guys have been more than ever amusing today, and I'm glad to hear that those commercials ARE a joke, 'cause I sure laugh when they come on.

On a compassionate note: my acupuncturist made pain, excessive bleeding, bloating, etc. go AWAY in just about three months . . . then helped me avoid all but about six weeks of transitional symptoms like hot flashes, when that was important. Now, I take great pleasure in doing the same for my patients. (Yes, Chinese medical professionals do have an alternative to the blue pill, gentlemen, and it doesn't require warning ads like 'if more than 4 hours'.)

LMAO! So true and funny!

I'm also lucky to to have "aw, damn" periods. I saw those commercials recently and I still thought they were terrific. Bugs me that a tampon company gets credit for this cleverness--ironic, since (disposable) menstrual products are part of what makes periods suck (and I will here refrain from gushing, pun intended, about how great my menstrual cup is)--but they're clever nonetheless.

Your text make me laugh

Am I ever late to the party! You guys have been more than ever amusing today, and I'm glad to hear that those commercials ARE a joke, 'cause I sure laugh when they come on.

This is fun and subjective but thanks anyway.

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