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November 24, 2008

Paging Robin Mattson

Paging Robin Mattson

by Harley

Last week I got the following phone message from my literary agent, Renée:

I was just contacted,” she said, “by Anastasia Potemkin [not her real name] from Russian's MTV. They want to do a show about you.”

My God! MTV? Me? Really? Could it be that in Russia, I am a rock star?

Actually, no. I’d heard wrong; it wasn’t MTV, but NTV. Still, as Renée reminded me, my books have been translated into Russian and Serbian. So I e-mailed Anastasia saying, delighted to be on your show, blah, blah, please call to discuss. 

Anastasia called instantly, from Moscow. “Miss Kozak, we are so excited!” 

They love me! They really love me! My books will become huge in eastern Europe! I will earn out my advance! My children will go to Ivy League colleges! 

“In fact,” Anastasia continues, “we are wondering, are you close with Robin Mattson?” 

Robin Mattson? To quote Obi-Wan Kenobi, “Now there's a name I've not heard in a long, long time.” 

“Yes, Robin and I were friends,” I said. “We worked together. On a soap called Santa Barbara.”

“We know. Gina Capwell and Mary, the nun. We wonder, do you have Robin Mattson’s phone number?”


“Because,” Anastasia says, “it will be amusing if you are to have a reunion with Robin and we will film this. In New York.”

The fog clears. This isn’t about my Big Literary Career. It’s about my Big 80’s Hair. These Russians are old soap fans. 

See, in America we view soaps as the video equivalent of STAR magazine, marginally more acceptable than a pornography habit. But in Europe, our soaps are repackaged, maybe years after they’re shot, sometimes aired once a week, at night, and sometimes big hits. This explains my fan letters from people with names like Malgorzata and Gerwazy, 22 years after Mary the Nun was crushed to death by the giant neon letter “C.”

And it’s not just soaps. I once did a primetime series that 43 people in America watched, that ended up the Number One show in Norway. Months after it was cancelled, I got a free trip to Oslo (in January; it was cold) with my sister, compliments of Norwegian TV Guide.

Anyhow, I told Anastasia that yes, Robin Mattson and I had once been close. We weren’t just friends, we shared an on-camera lover on Santa Barbara (my employer/her stepson) and an off-camera guy (her lover/my lawyer). We met for lunch several times after I died, but, as happens in life, we lost track of each other. I suggested that Anastasia contact Screen Actors Guild, but Anastasia already had. No luck.

I asked around. So did Renée, who discovered that Robin had once had an agent named Henry Something. I e-mailed Henry. And waited.

Meanwhile, Moscow kept calling. Could I fly to New York on Thursday? Or Friday? The sooner the better, Anastasia explained, “Because we have had already the others from Santa Barbara. Only Robin and you are left.”  

Great. I am the bottom of the soap barrel.

“But of course,” she said, “we must find Robin.”

Of course. No word from Henry, though, and Renée began to feel that my gumshoe abilities were better spent on my fiction (“can’t the KGB find Robin?”) whereas I, although I love New York, didn’t want to miss my 8-year old’s recitation of Turkey Poetry at the Lower School Thanksgiving Assembly. Friday came and went. No Robin. No NTV.

Robin? Robin? The Russians are coming. Are you out there? 

Please call. Our fans await us.


p.s. I am forlorn because “True Blood” is over for this season.


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Good luck, H. Hope you find Robin.
And that Russians get to read the new Wollie.
Onward! Check out my PW Q&A with Jan Burke--I think it will be posted tomorrow.

Wow! A new soap opera in the making!

Will Harley find Robin in time for the Big Apple Reunion? Will Harley discover if the other cast members really WERE on NTV, and this wasn't just a ploy to get Robin on the Big NTV Tube? Will Anastasia keep calling? Will big bucks start pouring in to Harley's bank account? Tune in tomorrow...

Robin was on As The World Turns in 2007...they might know where she it!

What I want to know is if Putin watches NTV. What if he's a fan?

BTW, what are all you people doing up in the middle of the night?

wait -- wait! You're all in RUSSIA, aren't you? Because it's 11 hours ahead of L.A.

IMDB has her on As the World Turns as of last year; someone ought to know where she is. Don't they tape in New York? Also, I am almost certain I saw her on some talk show telling about a project of some kind, either charitable or writing. I realize those are completely different, but that's the way my mind works.

You have to admit that some of Santa Barbara's story lines were awesome, including Mattson's turns with "Benny", that story arc was hilarious. Both of you had great scenes with Lane Davies (my all-time favorite screen hunk, I confess), although they jumped the shark with his Western character, Sonny. I was pregnant and unable to do much of anything the first summer SB was on, and I got completely hooked, can you tell?

I don't know about everyone else, but I have a migraine, and am waiting for it to go away so I can sleep. It really is the middle of the night in Ohio!

Good luck, Harley. I'll be looking forward to a future blog about the reunion!

I dying here. Did you find Robin? Can the backbloggers do great legwork or what? And sadly, I have no idea who Robin is!

Did you go to NY? Or was this incredible opportunity to be on Russian NTV lost because of a missing Robin?

ArkansasCyndi, I am still in L.A., where it is 90 degrees and I wish I were in NYC. Alas, no Robin yet. But hope springs eternal.

How many times can i watch the season finale of True Blood in one week, I wonder?

Harley it is very cold out here on the east coast. If you come, dress warmly!

At least you know whooooo the night owls are on here.

Surely you have noticed how the peculiar stuff that happens to you in real life is much stranger than what you do to Wolley. Weird up, Yer Soapness!

I'm amazed that there are 12 posts before mine...and it's 4:26 am here on the East Coast. Up early cause I'm sick but am totally glued to this post! I don't know Robin or Lane or any soap people since I haven't watched soaps since summers of junior high, so I can't be much help. Maybe this is like six degrees of separation...but hopefully, Harley, yours will be three degrees or less.


Well, she used to be a "roommate" of Kin Shriner, but I actually thought that was platonic. Maybe he knows where she is.

So, how close are you to Kin Shriner?

Well, I'm up because I couldn't sleep, fell asleep on the couch, and the cat woke me up with spectacular puking sounds at 5. Then the dogs got up and I had to let them out into the frigid (21 degrees) air. Lovely morning so far.

What a strange and fascinating story. I guess, Harley, you really never do know who's going to be calling. Apparently Robin is adept at avoiding Russian TV.

And I'M forlorn because ABC canceled Eli Stone. I hate them. I just love that show.

It's good to have friends when insomnia decides to visit. Good luck finding Robin -- my niece is named Robin, do you suppose they would accept a substitute Robin? (I know, lame, but I just got up, after an hour or so of pretending I could go back to sleep. I think there are three brain cells functioning). I'll join Laura in hating ABC -- Eli Stone was an interesting show . . probably why it was cancelled.

Josh woke me up to tell me there was a post about SB and Robin Mattson. I was a HUGE fan of SB!

Robin wrote a cookbook in the 1990's called "Soap Opera Cafe," published by Warner Books. While looking that up on Amazon, I saw that she read a book for a Random House CD in 2006, "Heaven's Price" by Sandra Brown. Would they have contact information for her?

Another thought: Soap Opera Digest frequently mentions her. Maybe someone there would know how to contact her.

Good luck!

Soap talk has me missing East Enders, which used to be broadcast on KETC (PBS) here. That was fun . . .I shouldn't still be missing it, but I do.

Talking of cutting programs, I just saw where The Weather Channel axed its whole "Forecast Earth" staff...in the middle of NBC's Green Week! I love The Weather Channel's shows. Man, the news I miss when I'm sick!

Sorry, Harley. I know that doesn't help your search for Robin or for your Russia stardom...

I'm having flash backs. I loved SB. I do hope Robin shows up before the day's out. Alas, I having nothing to offer in the attempt to locate her.

And I don't know how you all are putting sentences together so early in the morning.

This whole thing sounds like a Wollie plot to me, Harley. And I can't wait for the blog on the trip to New York for the Russians.

Count me among the many SB fans! So many unique characters on that soap. And it was *funny*! Not many soaps were funny back then--or now.

Is it true Marlena and John were fired from DOOL? The world is coming to an end!

I just finished watching the 1999 _Oklahoma!_ Thanks to whoever recommended it. Almost finished reading _More than Fiends_ which I will be passing on to my niece along with _A Fiend in Need_ (Thanks again. . .)
and in the car, Bubbles is Unbound . . .
Life is good in my corner of unreality. (Reality is for people who lack imagination).
I will be telling stories at a preschool today and tomorrow -- lack of sleep will be countered by the "teller's high," which always kicks in once I look into those bright eyes and eager faces. Yep, life is good.

Harley, this isn't a blog, it's a book. and if you're a star in Russia, are you a red star? Waiting to hear if you find Robin in time.

Marlena and John, fired?!? Must quit day job to get caught back up on DOOL. Is Sami still on the show, or is she making her living hosting Biggest Loser these days? (Surely it is a humiliating outrage when you're the curviest woman on a soap and you get approached to host Biggest Loser.)

Storyteller Mary - I loved Eastenders and the excuse my PBS station gave for pulling it was that "it was too expensive".

I still miss it, and read somewhere that Pauline is no longer one of the Albert Square residents. No Pauline? Impossible to imagine!

What a wild story! Has anyone checked Gitmo for Robin? Oh, wait, they won't tell you if she's in there. Sorry. But seriously, if the KGB can't find her, I fear foul play.

I loved Santa Barbara - Cruz was the hottest thing on TV, and Mason was the funniest.

What day are they filming in NY? Did you miss it? If not, can either William or Tom figure out how to hack into Russian TV satellites and get it? Would that be bad?

You people!

Working in random order, "they" film in NYC whenever Robin and I get there. Presumably Moscow Anastasia has a U.S. counterpart waiting to spring into action.

Wait -- I have to read back and find Mrs. Josh's post. But let me just say to Josh, you don't even want to know how close Kin Shriner and I were. I'm not kidding. We even made STAR magazine.

Mrs. Josh, you are a genius. You must visit more often. My publisher, Doubleday, falls under the Random House umbrella, and 17 months ago I had dinner with Sandra Brown (and 5 other people) here in L.A., AND I once did a favor for someone at Soap Digest (if only I could remember who it was) so I feel I am getting closer. In a spiritual sort of way. If only these cosmic connections produced a phone number.

"it was too expensive"
That's what they told me, too, and those were supposedly better times. I guess we don't stand a chance of getting it back now, unless perhaps our British friends are feeling charitable??

Ooh, if we helped with the connection, can we come to the shoot? Our brush with fame, as it were.

Dear Harly, I am in mourning here too for the loss of Trueblood until next summer. How will I get through two full seasons ( winter and spring)without Bill ( pant pant) Josh ( idiot studmuffin) Tara ( its a wonder she can walk or talk without causing WW3) Sam ( will scratch his belly for him anytime)and then there is Sookie (now that I have finally decided I can trust Paquin to play her right)that girl I would like as a friend. Harley did you notice she can run without tripping while being chased by the bad guy? Amazing huh? Hope you find Mattson soon. SusanCo

SusanCo! You're back!

Yes, and not only can Sookie run from bad guys, she can do it in a dark (but not dark enough for Bill!) forest, while looking over her shoulder, at a full-out sprint.

However, I feel sure she was wearing sneakers. Not heels.

Josh, yes. You can come to the shoot. We'll save you some borscht.

Great story. Maybe we should start posting notices everywhere online. She could be in grave danger! Maybe she's been kidnapped by the mob, or fell down a mineshaft!


Okay, Storyteller Mary mentioned SOAP TALK, and since we're talking about soaps and soap stars and people you haven't seen in awhile...I have a little story to tell.

About 4 years ago, I was invited to be a guest on SOAP TALK (to do a segment on How To Use Car Sales Tactics to Get Your Guy to Propose) I have no actual daytime TV connection, but hey, who doesn't love a good cable TV talk show? So, I'm sitting in the green room, and I hear this band warming up on stage. The producer pops in to take me to the makeup room, just as the band starts doing a perfect rendition of "Jesse's Girl" which was, for a brief time during high school or maybe junior high school, one of my favorite songs. I said, "Wow, that sounds just like Rick Springfield." The producer squeals and says IT IS RICK SPRINGFIELD!!!

She asks me if I want to watch him play (uh, yeah) and takes me down to the stage to watch for a few minutes. I stand, incredulous, ten feet away from where he's playing, amidst a clump of thirty-ish drooling female producers.

When Rick and the band are finished, the producer takes me over to the makeup room and 5 minutes later he comes in and sits down in the chair next to me.

I, of course, ignored all makeup room protocol and informed him that I'd had a major crush on him in high school. (Or maybe junior high school.) He just sort of blushed (seriously!) and mumbled something nice.

We chatted for a few minutes, and then he went on his way.

Now, I'm pretty sure that once I meet Shaun Cassidy my life will be complete. At least that's what I promised God in the fourth grade.



Harley et al. - I can't believe that no one has pointed out the obvious. This NTV person's name is Anastasia -- clearly she's the granddaughter or great-granddaughter of Princess Anastasia, who escaped the massacre of the rest of her family! I'm betting that her alleged search for Robin Mattson is a thinly-veiled ploy, the first step in a carefully constructed plot to re-establish the monarchy (Tsar-archy?) in Russia! Thing is, she needs Harley to flesh out the plot, but needs a clever ruse (no pun intended) to reel her in . . .

OK, it's not 0-dark-thirty here, but it *is* Monday . . .

A cookbook! I knew she was involved in a writing project! Thank you, Mrs. Josh. But I'm almost positive I saw her again sometime in the last year or two, talking about a charity thing. A home for wayward soap villains and villainesses? A memorial hall for killed-off soap characters? Who knows.

Kin Shriner is okay, but I was a huge fan of his twin brother, Wil. Whatever happened to him?

If the shoot's in January, that would be great. Unless things change unexpectedly, I should have lots of time on my hands in January.

Sorry to say I didn't watch Santa Barbara, was only into ABC soaps. Robin was not my favorite Delia on Ryan's Hope, but I really liked her as Janet Green on All My Children.

I agree this is stranger than fiction, but it sounds like it could be more fun than your adventures in San Antonio if you can track her down.

Lisa, I never met Shaun Cassidy, but I'm friends with his brother Patrick Cassidy. We had a romance on Love Boat, the next generation, and also, he taught me how to play raquetball or something for some movie. WHAT A CUTE GUY.

Does that count?

No clue what happened to Wil Shriner.

Oh: could it be that Robin and Wil Shriner are on the lam together? Hiding from the KGB and Rasputin?

Apparently, Wil is on his own. I was curious so I Googled him, and found that he is directing a children's movie based on the Carl Hiassen book "Hoot":


But we still need to find Robin. (Oddly enough, my own daughter named Robin just called me. Coincidence? Hmm.)

Uh, make that "directed".

Can you tell the migraine still has me in its evil clutches? Ugh.

Though I never got trapped in the Santa Barbara web, I was wound up on other soaps years ago and thus the name Robin Mattson sounded very familiar, but I couldn’t quite get a face. I finally decided she was the evil woman on One Life to Live, but that turned out to be Robin Strasser. A whole different kettle of fish.

After many turns through my brains soap opera rolodex, I figured out she was that wench from General Hospital that drove me crazy because I always thought she breathed funny, or sounded funny when she breathed. Like maybe she had a deviated septum that needed attention or something. Or maybe it was just because she played this horrible Heather person, and I just didn’t like her period. She had other little idiosyncrasy’s that made me crazy too, and….well, she was your friend, so never mind.

So I go to IMDB, the source of all things acting, and sure enough there she is listed as being Heather on General Hospital. There’s no main picture of her so I click on the little “Heather” by her GH credit to see her picture, and up come pictures of who I’ve always thought was Demi Moore! That could be your answer! She may actually be Demi Moore! Surely someone knows how to contact Demi Moore. Ashton Kutcher, Bruce Willis, somebody should. Problem solved.

(Kin Shriner? Seriously? Boy, did Luke and Laura send his world into the crapper or what.)

But then again, IMDB also lists her husband as Werner Roth (not Ashton Kutcher?) who just so happens to be from Yugoslavia. So this all may be a plot by the Russians to get to Robin Mattson’s double agent Yugoslavian husband by going through you, her old SB pal. Seems sort of backdoor. The KGB obviously ain’t what it used to be. They’re going to get all of you to New York, and who knows what’ll they’ll do then. We may never see or hear from you again! Then where would we be…no Wollie, no Joey or Fredreeq, and no (yum) Simon? Run while you still can!

Or give them Demi Moore’s number.

So Robin has a Yugoslavian husband? Interesting, because another old friend of mine is Catherine Oxenberg, whose mother is or was the Princess of Yugoslavia. Who was probably a blood relative of the Romanoffs and the lost princess Anastasia.


Harley, if the thing with Robin fails, can we choose an alternate soap reunion? I vote that we re-unite you with Greg Beecroft. I was into SB, but I'm a GL lifer. For reasons I simply cannot explain.

Especially nowadays.

My god, I love you, Harley!

Have we had a blog about "brushes with greatness"? We could spill our stories about how we managed to stalk...uh, run into a celeb.

I know we have all shared certain stories, but we don't get many famous faces in amonst us common fold here in middle America. lol!

Cue the Twilight Zone music, Harley!

I once was stuck in an elevator with Roger Daltry...well, not really stuck with the doors closed, and everybody could see us since it was a glass elevator. I was waiting for a group of giggling girls to get out and finally was able to go in. One other person was in there looking out through the glass. Well I punched my floor number and then waited for the doors to close, and waited, and waited. Finally the buzzer went off. Evidently one of the female jokesters had pulled out the STOP button upon leaving. When I pushed the button back in, I looked over to roll my eyes and shake my head...but became totally embarrassed! I was standing next to Roger Daltry, hoping he didn't think I pranked him.

But that connection won't get you any closer to Robin... :-(

Catherine Oxenberg? She was in Playboy when I was in high school or college and still looked at Playboy (now I have the Internet, which as my daughter's Avenue Q CD tells me, is for porn).

She was naked, more or less, doing something in Africa or something like that. Not erotic, just naked.

Wow, this blog just keeps getting better and better. So what's this Avenue Q CD, Josh? Sounds intriguing. And will it help Harley find Robin?

Dear Harley, you are fantastic! I love reading your blog. I’m Russian from Moscow. And I’m guilty that I love you first as an actress (in above mentioned Santa Barbara). Don’t hate me for this please. That doesn’t mean I can’t be your books lover, does it? Well, I just wanted to say that Russian channel NTV is notorious for its scandalous programs and I do hope that you will have nothing to do with it.

Great Jeebus Crust!! The plot thickens!!

Olietta! Zdrasvuitje!

Okay, I forgive you for loving me as a soaper first and a novelist second, but will you forgive me for appearing on scandalous NTV? Because if we at TLC can collectively find Robin, I would feel a moral obligation to show up in NYC.

But not naked. And certainly not erotic.

And I can't go to Africa at all. Not this week.

Harley, I found Robin's MySpace page (that shows her mood as "Pissy," so be careful)! But she must not check it very often. Her last login was in August.


Are we getting any closer?

OMG, Harley, if you have to appear naked on Russian TV with Robin----------we MUST figure a way to get the widget here on TLC.

Olietta, thanks for the warning!

Is anyone else slightly disturbed by Josh's perfect memory of 40-year-old Playboy photos?

As noted many hours ago, my wife was a SB fan. Because of this, we picked up a "B" movie starring Robin Mattson and the late Lyle Alzado(!). Some mystery, blah, blah, blah, husband killed, blah, blah, blah. All I remember is Mattson walking around butt naked. I don't remember why, but it must've been integral to the director's artistic concept, or something.

Josh, what's all this about you and naked women? Yes, Nancy, very disturbing...

Josh, this is Hollywood, where nudity is ALWAYS integral to everyone's story. The weather alone renders it meaningful.

Ah, Lyle Alzado. We hardly knew ye.

That Hollywood tendency to nudity almost got me kicked out of an showing of _Midsummer Night's Dream_, the one with Kevin Kline. I was so pleased with the movie, the bicycles, the opera -- I knew my students would be so much happier (they didn't care for the old black & white with Mickey Rooney as Puck) -- then, the waking up the next morning scene, with no clothes! I was so upset that I wouldn't be able to use it in class that I yelled, "Shit!" Everyone turned and stared, I shrugged apologetically. . . .then we figured out I could use it in class if I put a poster up in front of the TV for those couple of minutes. The students enjoyed hearing my "shitty" excuse -- and they saw plenty of nudity elsewhere, I'm sure.

Storyteller Mary, I first read the above comment as " . . . with Mickey Rourke as Puck" and thought, "Shit! How'd I miss that one?"

MIckey Rooney is almost as scary.

It's actually a good version, the fairy scenes are lovely, and the "rude menials" very silly, but the students did find Puck's laughter shrill and annoying, and of course, for most of them anything in black and white is just too hard to watch. It's actually available on Amazon, where I think I also saw a 1968 version with Judy Dench.

I think Puck is the weirdest character in Shakespeare. Sort of a medieval hobbit.

I wonder if there's an NTV version?

They would probably like the ending of the Kevin Kline version . . . .

I'm in awe of all of you. My grandmother was so into her soaps--it was a little scary. When I would visit for a weekend, she would go over all the family news over dinner the first night. She had two beds in her bedroom, so late that night, I'd be drifting off to sleep, and from across the room she would suddenly say, "Oh, did you know Lisa left Bob again?" (ATWT), or 'so-and-so had her baby', or whatever the latest soap news was . . . I'd be groaning in exhaustion, and she would prattle on for another half hour about all these soap characters as if they were every bit as alive and important as my siblings, cousins, uncles & aunts, inlaws, outlaws, etc. Wish I could help with the search for Robin Mattson, but unless she's one of my patients (she's not, but I couldn't tell if she was), I'm no help.
Will Harley go to NYC for NTV w/RM, w/o KGB?I really am waiting to hear!

Laraine! My very OWN grandmother loved Lisa and Bob from ATWT. And in fact, she so loved Bert Bauer on GL, that I am convinced she wrote (from heaven) my own storyline on that show, having me move into the Bauer boarding house so I'd be well taken care of.

This was back in the days when soaps had organ music and cheesy sound effects (I remember that "car driving up" sound) . . . and everyone drank coffee around the kitchen table rather than getting abducted by aliens.

Go ahead, Harley! I’m sure you can outwit them all but the channel is famous for free using of the footage material so you never know what you will see in the final cut. The problem for me is if you appear in the NTV channel due to your moral obligation to Robin or whatever other reasons I will be bound to watch this channel (what I usually never do) just to see you. Ok, I forgive you for that.
I saw my grammar mistake made confusion. I loved you first as an actress (that’s because I first knew you as an actress) not that I love you as a novelist second. There is no first or second to me on your account for the matter of fact.
And one more thing. Have you guys noticed that we have a new president whose name is Medvedev not Putin? Many of us, Russians, haven’t noticed that either ;-)

Almost forgot. I really appreciate your effort to write this difficult Russian word “zdravstvuite” which is pronounced as “zdrastvuite”. Well done, Harley!

Well, zdrasvuite, Olietta, to you and heartfelt apologies to President Medvedev. (although I hear that Putin is still hanging around.)

Oh, you know, Harley, it’s the other way around. It’s Medvedev, the President, who is hanging around you know who :-)
And "dobroie utro" to you, Harley, which means "good morning" in Russian.

Hey Harley:

Actually your character on GL first moved into the Bauer home and then into the Reardon Boarding house and finally into your own haunted house. God, I hope your real life isn't this crazy!

Wow, Bert Bauer . . . now I sound like my grandmother: "I haven't thought of him in a long time. Wonder what ever happened to him?" Thanks for that blast from the past, Harley. I remember an interview with the actress who played Lisa on ATWT, back when she was just a mom on the show [yes, with much more coffee around the kitchen table than bizarre magic], not a grandmother or great-grandmother, and she said that people would stop her on the street in NY and tell her she should appreciate Bob more, or, in other moods, they would curse or spit at her. Talk about not separating reality from fiction . . . .

Oh why must my compatriots have such big plans? We all would be quite happy to see a smaller reunion, Lane and you :)

If there's absolutely no chance to find Robin, try Linda Gibboney, she was on some of your time on SB, if I remember it right ;) But I guess Russians won't buy it. Hardly anyone remembers Linda...

And I should say NTV really has such projects, bringing stars who did something together in the past, together again to show the fans. :D
I'd love to see this, really. Keep us updated! :)

Tried to post yesterday but can't see my post.

Harley, we'd love to see you! If they can't find Robin, grab Lane Davies, the Russians will be quite happy to see the two of you together :)

Doesn't she have a different last name now? I have no idea where she is, but if I really wanted to find a person, I'd try Intellius and/or a private investigator.
I hope you find her...
SB led to me discovering the books...hopefully it will bring more readers...(I have found a few people from Linked In, Myspace, and Facebook...is she on any networking sites? Or something like Classmates or Reunion?)

I'm guessing they've already invited Lane, and maybe Linda Gibboney,but I agree, a reunion would be cool.(If not over there-how about Texas so I could go?) You could promote your books-and Lane can promote his projects...I noticed Oprah's show was using video Skype...so you could do a video reunion with Skype and not have to travel. I'd think Robin's book publisher would have forwarding contact info for her...everybody's tried them already????

Actually I've read now that they have already filmed this, and they will show us the stars (including Lane Davies), this Saturday.
The Russian channel NTV.
I switched on the 'virtual video recorder' so that those who want to would probably be able to see this when it's recorded (e-mail me then!). Rumor has it there will be several issues... but let us wait and see.

Hey Santa Barbara was a great show! It's what made me grab your resume at the Missions auditions YEARS ago! And then go - I knew you were Mary from my soap opera! Lane was awesome so drowl (however you spell it!)I thought you were friends with Sean Penn's mom? SUrely SHE knows what's become of her ex-daughter in law! Aren't there grandkids? I agree with the blogger up top this could be the great start for Book 5! Love, Ya Linda in South Dakota!

SB IS a great show. It is amazing if you look on youtube. And Sorry- I love the M / M story too. But the Russians are really crazy about you and Lane. Enjoy it...:)

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