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September 24, 2006

Am I Annoying

By Sarah

Are you annoying? Do you know someone who is? Sure, we do. But just to be positive, why not stop by Am I Annoying.com. - our link of the week. Find out who are the Top Ten People Who Might Be Annoying and take the Am I Annoying Quiz. (Do you sneak through the 10 and under line at the grocery store with 15 items? If so, you might be annoying.)

Of course, we here at the Lipstick Chronicles keep our own list of who might be annoying. But, Margie keeps it under lock and key, right next to the petty cash. (Uh, we still have petty cash, right Margie?) As always, the women of The Lipstick Chronicles show the utmost discretion.

Welcome, Fall!



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Sure, there's still petty cash. Not much though - I mean, when I go get coffee for you guys, I'm not picking up the tab, plus I usually need some kind of pastry just for making the trip. And, you know, if I'm stuck at the office answering phones, I need to order food to keep up my strength. Don't tell me you don't look forward to that cute new delivery guy from the Thai place - I see you all peeking out of your offices, then making some lame excuse to come out to my desk.

By the way - if I'm going to have to work on Sundays, I'll be putting in for OT.

I can't even comment on this, Sarah, because my top 15 most annoying people are all politicians. And I don't want to say anything incendiary on a Sunday. Oh: La Shana Tova to all our readers of Jewish persuasion!

Annoying...people who gloat during victory...who won the Steelers/Bengals game today???

Not to worry Dave, we are suffering, and not in silence. Were I a member of the Special Teams, I would stay at home for the next few days, preferable away from windows...

Still, it is of some comfort to remember that we've got those five rings.

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